Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The opening title sequence to Skyfall I personally think is one of the best opening title sequences around due to its dramatic opening and music, although it is slightly longer than I intend to make my opening title sequence (2 mins). The editing and animation in it are very good and used well, when the shadows are shooting each other is very good we can see what is happening even though it is animated, they keep the audience interested in the film and they also foreshadow parts of the story like Catch Me If you Can also did. With the use of editing the opening sequence flows very well and makes the audience to keep watching. The titles are clearly visible and make you look at them as they appear in the middle of the screen, they all tend to be the same size but the more important names appear on their own. A downfall of this opening sequence is that it goes on for a very long time and due to this people can lose interest as they want to get on with watching it.

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