Sunday, 10 November 2013

Final Destination 5 Opening Title Sequence in depth analysis

I decided it would be best for me to do an in depth analysis of an opening title sequence, I chose to do final destination 5 as I'm probably going to make a horror film myself. I thought it would be a good idea to do a timeline of everything that happened during the sequence, this allowed to have a greater understanding of what happens in this sequence and also what many films of this genre might use to draw the attention of the audience. I could also use some of the information I gained from this when planning and creating my opening title sequence.

From using my time plan I learnt that throughout pretty much the whole opening title sequence, an explosion happens and a credit comes out of this explosion, also a random object comes out of these explosions. I think this gives the audience clues as to how people are going to be killed off in the film, keeping their audience guessing and therefore entertained. CGI is used very heavily throughout this opening sequence, this costs a lot of money especially as it is used so that the explosions look very realistic, this lets the audience know that a lot of money has been put into making the film. There isn't any part of the opening sequence which is filmed so that we can know where the location of the film is, but we can sort of get a location from the objects flying out of the screen at you. There are numerous objects that fly out, like a propeller from an aeroplane we can assume that part of the film may be in an aeroplane or at an airport, in another point lots of kitchen knives fly at you so there may be a part of the film that is located in a kitchen. Yet again this has the audience guessing and interested in to what's going to happen in the film.

The opening sequence doesn't have a particular order in which the credits are shown to the audience. It starts off with the Warner Bros Pictures and New line cinema own designs of credits and then it cuts into the films opening title sequence. The New line cinema credit is repeated highlighting the importance of their company in the making of the film. After the presents and production credits the film name appears and fades away, then come all  the other credits. One thing I noticed was that the film title was a lot bigger than the other credits which all the same size, this made it stand out. All credits throughout were the same colour and all centre screen, this shows that they are all of equal importance to one another. They all had the same entry to the screen as well, exploding out towards the audience and fading away. At the end it comes to who the film is written and produced by, the credits are then broken up by lots of explosions and objects flying everywhere after these the directors name explodes out. I think this has been done so that the director is away from the other credits and shows he is more important. The opening sequence then ends with lots of explosions again.

Throughout the opening sequence there are lots of hints to what is going to happen in the film and what it is about. The use of heavy loud music in the background creates tension and a darkening mood. The CGI, explosions and objects flying everywhere lets the audience know there will be action and death in the film. Overall I think that although it is quite a simple opening title sequence it is very effective in getting the audiences attention and setting the mood for the film.

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