Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Casting Shots

Below are some casting shots of who is taking part in the production of our opening sequence:

Fist we have Aaron he is an excellent camera man one of the most experienced and respected in the business. He is also the director of the project, this is his first film as a director but we're sure he will do a great job. He will not be appearing in the opening sequence as he is behind the camera.

Secondly we have Shay Devese, he will be the main character in our opening title sequence he will be hidden behind a hazmat suit and gas mask to create a mystery around him for the audience. He will also be carrying a gun to show that danger is surrounding him.

Last but not least we have Elliot he is an actor in our opening sequence and will be playing a dead body, he will be dressed in hiking boots, a jacket and walking trousers so he looks like he has just gone out for a walk and has died but the audience will not be able to tell the cause.

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