Thursday, 6 February 2014

Scream opening sequence

This opening sequence is for the original scream film in 1996, it took Alfred Htchcock's idea in killing off the main character quickly, this time it took under 15 minutes for Drew Barrymore to be killed off. The opening sequence itself is very good at setting the mood for the audience for the rest of the film.When the film title appears on screen we hear screams and loud noises, hinting at death and that jumpiness may be a theme throughout. A sense of mystery is created immediately when a person rings her phone but she doesn't know who it is so hangs up, he then continues to call her persistently until she starts talking to him. Then the caller 'accidentally' announces he is watching her when she asks why he is asking for her name, this causes her to hang up and then he starts to threaten to kill her "You hang up on me again and I'll cut you like a fish". Music is playing quietly in the background and then when he starts to threaten her it gets louder this helps to build tension and suspension, also when it peaks it gets really loud so could make some viewers jump.

Overall I think that this is a very good opening sequence, although doesn't have titles which I will be using and is a bit longer than I need to make my opening title sequence. I could use some ideas from this such as the use of music to create tension. It is also good as it doesn't reveal to much about the film itself.

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