Thursday, 13 March 2014

Warp Films

We were initially putting Film 4 as our distributor, however, we have changed to Working Title. Working Title was formed in 1983, but didn't distribute until 1990 when they first produced Chicago Joe and the Show Girl. Working Title are based in the UK, Ireland and the US, distributing films from all three areas but they started off as a British Independent Film distributor. Working Title distribute higher budget films, and their British films include Shaun of the Dead, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Love Actually, these are some of the most successful British films.

We decided to move to Working Title due to the quality of the films they distribute, and we wanted to make our film seem more professional and high budget. The fact Working Title have recently worked with some big names in the film industry such as the Coen Brothers, distributing most of their films and also Edgar Wright, he is a high profile British director, this shows they are a well profound company. We have added the working title opening credits to our opening sequence in place of the Film Four opening credits.

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